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Diamond Mattress Partners With BrandSource On Boxed Bed Program

Diamond Mattress Partners With BrandSource On Boxed Bed Program

You are Find the best information guide about diamond mattress partners with brandsource on boxed bed program. Diamond Mattress, a fourth-generation family-owned business, recently partnered with BrandSource to provide its 4,500 members with an exclusive boxed bed assortment. Thanks to this relationship, Diamond Mattress will be able to reach more people around the country with their handcrafted mattresses.

BrandSource is a buying organization that gives independent furniture, electronics, and appliance retailers the tools they need to take on bigger chains. They can provide their members with a unique product that distinguishes them from other merchants because of their partnership with Diamond Mattress.

Diamond Mattress offers a line of boxed beds made-to-order, so each mattress is customized for the buyer. The line features a range of high-quality mattresses, including innerspring, memory foam, and hybrid models. Each mattress is made with the customer’s comfort and support in mind, ensuring a peaceful night’s sleep.

This collaboration occurs while the bedding business’s boxed bed segment experiences rapid growth.

An increasing number of customers are opting for online mattress shopping, receiving their mattresses. Conveniently delivered right to their door in compact packaging.

BrandSource and Diamond Mattress can take advantage of this trend and give their members a competitive edge by providing an exclusive boxed bed line.

Since 1946, Diamond Mattress has been handcrafting mattresses and has committed to employing premium components. And cutting-edge design to produce goods that encourage sound sleep. They draw customers who respect ethical production techniques due to their dedication. To sustainability and ecologically friendly procedures Distinguishing them from competitors in the market.

Diamond Mattress is committed to widening its market and giving customers. Access to its high-end products, as demonstrated by our cooperation with BrandSource. They can sell their mattresses to a larger audience and establish themselves as a leader in the boxed bed market. By collaborating with a renowned buying group like BrandSource.

Through this collaboration, BrandSource’s 4,500 members will have access to a unique selection of high-end mattresses. They can differentiate themselves from other stores and give customers a reason to choose them over rivals by providing a unique product.

Overall, both businesses benefit from their collaboration with Diamond Mattress and BrandSource. While BrandSource can provide a unique product that distinguishes them in a crowded market. Diamond Mattress can reach more customers and sell more handcrafted mattresses. This alliance is positioned to participate significantly in the market for years as the boxed bed category expands.

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