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Do Helix Mattresses Have Fiberglass

Do Helix Mattresses Have Fiberglass

Discover the truth about do helix mattresses have fiberglass with our comprehensive guide. We explore the construction and materials used. Every customer wants to ensure that, when making a purchase, they invest in a secure and high-quality mattress. One question that frequently comes up is if a specific mattress includes fiberglass. Although it is frequently used as a fire retardant in mattresses, fiberglass can be harmful if inhaled or consumed.

Whether Helix mattresses contain fiberglass may be a top concern for individuals considering buying one. The good news is that Helix has taken action to guarantee the security of its clients by utilizing different fire-resistant components.

Instead of using fiberglass in their fire-resistant fabrics, Helix mattresses employ silica, a buy product of bamboo fiber. This material provides the necessary fire protection without compromising the renowned support and comfort offered by Helix mattresses.

With this guarantee, buyers may buy a mattress from a trusted company and feel secure in purchasing it.

Knowledge Of Helix Mattresses

A well-known mattress manufacturer that provides a customized sleeping experience is Helix Sleep. By considering things like body type, preferred sleeping position, and firmness preference, their mattresses are made to accommodate different sleeping preferences.

Helix makes comfortable, supportive, and long-lasting mattresses using cutting-edge technology and premium components.

The Construction Of Helix Mattresses

Helix mattresses are expertly designed with numerous foam and coil layers. Let’s examine each of the parts that make up a Helix mattress in more detail:

Cover: The Helix mattress’s top layer is a soft, breathable fabric. The purpose of this cover is to improve airflow and the general comfort of the mattress.

Comfort Layer: The comfort layer is located beneath the cover and varies depending on how you prefer to sleep. Helix provides several choices, such as memory foam, latex, and their own Helix Dynamic Foam. These materials offer to contour and tailored pressure alleviation for a peaceful night’s sleep.

Transition Layer: The transition layer sits below the comfort layer and acts as a barrier between the comfort layer’s softer materials and the base layer’s firmer ones. It assists in distributing weight evenly and averting excessive sinking.

Coil System: Helix mattresses include this feature. This device uses strategically positioned, individually wrapped coils to provide support and pressure relief. The zoned architecture responds to various body parts and offers the best spinal alignment.

Base Layer: A Helix mattress’s bottom layer is the structure’s support and stability base. High-density foam is often used, which ensures its sturdiness and lifespan.

Taking Care Of the Fiberglass Issue

The prevalence of fiberglass in mattresses, in general, has drawn some criticism. Due to its insulating qualities, fiberglass is a synthetic material utilized in various sectors. It might be dangerous if it gets into the air and inhales or touches the skin.

It’s critical to stress that Helix mattresses don’t contain fiberglass in this instance. We build them using premium components that adhere to stringent safety regulations. Helix puts its customers’ health first and ensures that its mattresses are free of dangerous materials like fiberglass.

Ensure Compliance And Safety

Helix Sleep goes through stringent testing and certification procedures to guarantee client safety and adherence to industry standards. As a result of their mattresses’ CertiPUR-US® certification, you may be sure that they were produced without any toxic materials or chemicals like formaldehyde, ozone depleters, or heavy metals. Thanks to this accreditation, customers may rest easy knowing that Helix mattresses are high-quality and safe.

Does Helix Make Quality Mattresses?

Helix is a generally reputable mattress company. They take precautions to reduce fiberglass exposure inside their bare mattresses and provide many alternatives for people who like fiberglass.

We advise choosing the Luxe or Birch models from Helix because there is always at least a little chance of fiberglass exposure, even with textiles that use polyester yarn to encapsulate their fiberglass cores.

These expensive mattresses are created from FR-inherent fabric, rayon made from bamboo viscose. The safer alternative to all types of fiberglass is this rayon. And it provides a healthier and more natural fire barrier than this industrial substance.


It is crucial to state the facts to avoid misunderstandings or worries about using fiberglass in Helix mattresses. Customer satisfaction, security, and quality are top priorities for the recognized company Helix Sleep.

We carefully make our mattresses with premium components to ensure comfort, support, and durability. You may confidently make an educated choice when selecting a mattress that meets your demands for sleep by knowing the Helix mattress composition and its dedication to safety standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Helix Mattress Made Out Of?

The Helix Birch Mattress is the company’s natural and organic mattress, constructed with pocketed coils, organic cotton that is soft, natural Talalay latex, and eco-friendly Birch wool.

How Can You Tell If A Mattress Is Fibreglass?

Look for a percentage of “glass fiber” indicated as a material on the mattress label. The sticker must clearly state that removing the cover could release fiberglass particles into the air.

Does Helix Sleep Use Fiberglass?

No, none of Helix Sleep’s mattress models include fiberglass. Instead, they use a fire-resistant textile that contains silica, a byproduct of bamboo fiber. Without the potential health dangers connected with fiberglass, this material offers the necessary fire protection.

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