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Does Goodwill Sell Mattresses

Does Goodwill Sell Mattresses

This well-known chain of thrift stores may already be familiar to you due to its extensive selection of vintage treasures. Note that they sell mattresses. Goodwill has affordable bedding. We’ll discuss Does Goodwill Sell Mattresses in this article and what to anticipate when you visit their stores to look for one. So, let’s get started and find the treasures that Goodwill has hidden for you!

What Is Goodwill Sell Mattresses

Goodwill is a well-known charitable company running thrift stores throughout the country. They are renowned for taking in donated goods and reselling them for a profit to fund their charitable work of aiding the underprivileged. Although most people identify Goodwill with furniture, clothing, and household goods, many are curious whether they also sell mattresses.

Yes, that is the response! Goodwill indeed sells mattresses in some of its shops. It’s crucial to remember that only some Goodwill stores regularly carry mattresses. Depending on the store’s stock and regional laws, mattresses may only sometimes be available.

You may find new and used options at a Goodwill store when looking for a mattress. Retailers and manufacturers may donate brand-new mattresses as a component of their corporate social responsibility initiatives. These brand-new mattresses are frequently offered at drastically lower prices than regular retail establishments.

You Can Find Gently Used And New Mattresses When You Shop At Goodwill. After undergoing a thorough cleaning and quality inspection, we listed these used mattresses for sale.

It’s essential to note that while Goodwill ensures that the mattresses they sell meet specific criteria, it is always advisable to inspect any item, including mattresses, before making a purchase. When purchasing used bedding, looking for wear or damage is imperative to guarantee your comfort and security.

Thus, the next time you search for a cheap mattress that doesn’t sacrifice quality, think about stopping by your neighborhood Goodwill! You never know what secret treasures they have in store for you; their inventory ranges from high-end brands at deep discounts to reasonably priced selections ideal for college dorms or guest rooms. Cheers to your shopping!

Does Goodwill Sell Mattresses

No Goodwill does not sell mattresses. It’s crucial to remember that different Goodwill locations accept and sell different kinds and states of goods. Even though some might, it is not a given that every Goodwill store will carry mattresses.

Goodwill usually accepts new items donated or bought from retail partners such as Target regarding beds. After that, these mattresses are sold at a discount in Goodwill stores. Supply and demand in a given area might impact mattress availability.

It’s also critical to recognize that Goodwill is a nonprofit organization that aims to help those in need find work and job placement assistance. These activities are supported and funded by the proceeds from selling donated goods, especially beds.

Even though Goodwill is known for selling affordable used products, including mattresses, check their website or visit your local store to see if they have any in stock. Remember that supply varies per shop, so talk to them for the most current information.

Finally, Goodwill sells beds, but availability depends on region and donated products. It is essential to inquire further with your local Goodwill store if you are interested in buying a mattress.

Why Goodwill Does Not Sell Old Mattresses

For a few reasons, Goodwill usually does not sell used mattresses. The organization prioritizes client safety and well-being. Health problems associated with outdated mattresses could include mold, allergies, and bed bugs. Selling such mattresses has the potential to negatively affect both Goodwill’s reputation and the people who buy them.

Regulatory and legal factors may also apply. Consumer protection laws require retailers to sell safe products. If Goodwill were to sell old mattresses, they might need to meet these regulations, which could put them in danger of legal trouble.

In addition, Goodwill wants to offer its clients dependable and high-quality products. Old mattresses frequently have damaged frames, uneven padding, or worn-out springs, which would not match the organization’s quality requirements. Goodwill can continue to fulfill its mission of providing its patrons with practical and functioning things by refusing to sell old mattresses.

Last but not least, Goodwill works to improve the community by offering employment and job training possibilities. Selling used mattresses might not align with this goal because it would take time and resources away from their primary objective.

Goodwill generally prioritizes safety, quality, and mission when determining what to sell, even if they want to sell reasonably priced used goods. Goodwill does not sell used mattresses to protect its consumers and stay true to its mission of helping the community.

What Mattresses Are Available On Goodwill?

Goodwill sells a range of mattresses, usually with an emphasis on brand-new items that are given or acquired from retail partners. To learn more about the mattresses that Goodwill has available, follow these steps:

Check The Goodwill Website: Go to the “Shop” or “Store Locator” area to get started. There is an online store at many Goodwill locations where you may explore and buy anything, including beds.

Contact Your Local Goodwill Store: If the website doesn’t offer precise details regarding the availability of mattresses, contact your neighborhood Goodwill store. A quick web search will provide their contact information. Call or email about mattress availability.

Inquire About Brand New Mattresses:  Find out if they have any fresh mattresses available. Mattresses are among the new items that Goodwill frequently buys from retail partners or accepts as donations. Usually, these mattresses are offered at a discount.

Ask About Sizes And Types: Find out what kinds and sizes of mattresses are available. So, Twin, full, queen, and king sizes are available at Goodwill, contingent upon what has been bought or donated. Additionally, they may have a variety of mattresses, including hybrid, innerspring, and memory foam models.

Look For More Information: Check the mattresses for additional information. It is helpful to know if the mattresses are still in their packaging or have a guarantee. This will enable you to decide with knowledge.

Get Pricing Information: Find out how much the mattresses will cost. Goodwill is a cost-effective choice for people needing a mattress because it usually has lower prices than established merchants.

Go To The Store: Check out Goodwill if the information you received is satisfactory. See the mattresses in person to evaluate their comfort and choose one that meets your demands. Please check with your local Goodwill store for current mattress availability.

How Much Do Goodwill Mattresses Cost

Goodwill’s mattress prices might change based on some variables. Goodwill makes money to help people in need through affordable sales of donated products like beds. Most Goodwill mattresses are much cheaper than retail.

However, Goodwill is a nonprofit organization, so their mattress inventory might only be steady sometimes. Goodwill mattress selection and prices might fluctuate daily, even within the same store.

Goodwill mattresses cost $50–200, depending on size, brand, age, and other factors. These costs are estimates and may vary by Goodwill.

Goodwill mattresses cost $50–200, depending on size, brand, age, and other factors. Remember that these prices are approximations and may differ from your local Goodwill.

It’s crucial to remember that Goodwill mattresses are usually lightly worn and pre-owned. As a result, brand-new mattresses could be better. Goodwill does, however, attempt to guarantee that the goods they offer are hygienic and secure for usage.

Goodwill might be an excellent location to start your search if you’re looking for an inexpensive mattress alternative and are okay with buying secondhand. Ensure the mattress fits your wants and tastes by inspecting its quality and condition before purchasing.


Goodwill does not usually sell mattresses. Most of their merchandise is donated clothing, furniture, electronics, and household goods. Safety restrictions, tricky handling, and storage must be considered when selling old mattresses. While mattresses are not frequently accessible in local Goodwill stores, they might occasionally be sure of them. It is advisable to inquire about specific availability with your nearby Goodwill store.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Goodwill Sell Used Mattresses?

No, Goodwill Does Not Sell Used Mattresses.

What Does Goodwill Do?

Goodwill boosts a company’s valuation and gives the buyer an edge. Intangible benefits include brand awareness, intellectual property, skilled labor, and consumer loyalty. When a firm is bought for more than its book value, goodwill increases its price.

Does Goodwill Accept Mattresses Near Me?

While some charities, like Goodwill, will accept mattress contributions under specific restrictions, others, like other nonprofits, will accept mattress donations at all.

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