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Does Goodwill Take Mattresses

Does Goodwill Take Mattresses

Are you trying to get rid of stuff in your house and want to give back to the community? Goodwill is the only place to look! This well-known nonprofit has been making waves in the community for many years by taking donated items and reselling them to fund its job training initiatives. However, you may be asking if Does Goodwill Take Mattresses. If Goodwill accepts mattresses, we’ll address the solution to your pressing query in this article and give you all the details you require for mattress donations. Come with me as we explore ways to give back and eliminate that old mattress-taking up room in your house!

What Is Goodwill?

For over a century, the nonprofit organization Goodwill has improved communities nationwide. They aim to offer job placement services, employment training, and other community-based programs to people having trouble finding long-term employment.

The donation-based model employed by Goodwill is a crucial facet of their operations. They take gently worn goods from kind donors and resell them for reasonable prices in their retail locations. Their numerous projects and programs are directly funded by the money received from these sales.

Goodwill is unique in its sustainability focus. By taking contributions of electronics, furniture, clothes, and more and reusing them, they reduce landfill waste.

Goodwill also significantly impacts the opportunities it creates in nearby areas. They give people the tools and assistance they need to find fulfilling work and become financially independent through their employment training programs and job placement services.

What Items Does Goodwill Accept?

Goodwill’s nonprofit organization welcomes donations of all kinds to further its goals. They have a long list of things that they accept! So goodwill gladly accepts men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing. Goodwill will happily collect gently used dresses, shirts, slacks, and accessories like belts and handbags.

Goodwill also accepts household items like kitchenware, small appliances, and apparel. Do you have some pots and pans or an additional blender you no longer need? Give them away to Goodwill! With someone in need, they can find new homes.

Another category of items that Goodwill accepts is electronics. If any of your electronics—from laptops and TVs to cell phones and DVD players—are still functional, consider donating them rather than putting them in a cupboard to gather dust!

Additionally, a lot of the nearby Goodwill stores take furniture. Due to space limitations, it’s crucial to remember that not all branches can accommodate large furniture like couches or mattresses. Let’s give us a call first before bringing in any gifts of furniture.

At Goodwill, books are always welcome! Think about giving away any books that collect dust on your shelves so someone else might enjoy them.

What’s impressive is the variety of products that Goodwill takes in. Giving these things away not only clears out our own spaces but also helps those in our community who are in need. Why not donate something and clean up those closets right now?

What Items Does Goodwill Not Accept?

Goodwill has a list of goods they usually do not accept as donations. Among these things are:

Hazardous Materials: These comprise any goods that could endanger human health or the environment, such as paint, fuel tanks, lead-acid batteries, chemicals, and pesticides.

Car Parts: Used tires, engines, transmissions, and other automobile parts usually are not accepted by Goodwill.

Built-In Appliances: Large, difficult-to-remove appliances such as dishwashers and stoves are unacceptable donations to Goodwill.

Large Furniture: Goodwill sometimes takes smaller pieces of furniture for the home, but because of space constraints or the difficulty of selling them, they may not take huge or heavy furniture pieces like entertainment centers, pianos, or sectional sofas.

Baby Equipment: Due to safety concerns and changing safety rules, Goodwill typically does not accept goods like cribs, car seats, strollers, high chairs, or other baby equipment.

Mattresses And Box Springs: As previously indicated, owing to handling expenses, safety issues, and legal requirements, Goodwill does typically not take mattresses, box springs, water beds, sleep number beds, or cribs.

Computers And Electronics: Older equipment or specific kinds of electronics might not be accepted by Goodwill. Contact your local Goodwill location for information on their specific policies regarding electronic donations.

Appliances That Don’t Work: Goodwill typically takes modest household appliances. However, non-functional or broken items might not be accepted.

It’s crucial to remember that because each Goodwill branch runs autonomously, these rules may differ significantly between them. Before dropping off any items, contact your neighborhood Goodwill store for their precise donation policies.

Does Goodwill Take Old Mattresses?

No, used mattresses usually are not accepted by Goodwill. The organization has policies in place for mattress donations. Their guideline is that mattresses cannot have bed bugs, must be under five years old, and cannot have tears or stains.

Unfortunately, Goodwill cannot take mattresses, box springs, water beds, sleep number beds, or cribs owing to handling expenses, legal requirements, and safety issues. It is always advisable to verify the precise donation policies of your neighborhood Goodwill store.

If Not Goodwill, Then Who Takes Mattress Donations?

If Goodwill does not accept the contributions of mattresses, other choices exist. The procedures to donate your mattress to a different organization are as follows:

Research Local Charities: Begin by looking into nonprofits or local charities in your area that take donations of mattresses. You can accomplish this by looking for suggestions online or contacting your neighborhood community center.

Contact Furniture Banks: These groups gather gently used furniture and give it to needy people and families. They also frequently take donations of mattresses. If your community has a furniture bank, contact them to learn more about their donation policies.

Reach Out To Homeless Shelters: Many homeless shelters always need mattresses to accommodate their occupants. Make sure to inquire about mattress donations with the homeless shelters in your community. They might have particular policies or specifications regarding the acceptance of mattresses.

Check With Religious Organizations: Some churches and religious groups have charitable programs for the underprivileged. They may have mattress donation policies in place or be able to put you in touch with groups that do. Please contact them about donation guidelines.

Contact Social Service Agencies: Salvation Army, Red Cross, and United Way accept mattress donations. Contact these organizations to determine if mattress donations are subject to special rules or regulations.

Consider Recycling Options: If you cannot locate a charity that takes mattress donations, consider recycling choices. Your old mattress can be disposed of responsibly at mattress recycling locations. Reach your local waste management agency or recycling center to learn about mattress recycling possibilities in your area.

Before giving your mattress, make sure it is in good shape. After cleaning the mattress, look for any significant stains or damage. Getting in touch with the charity before donating a mattress is essential because some could have particular requirements about its condition.


Mattress donations are typically not accepted by Goodwill. As part of their objective to assist those in need, they accept a wide variety of products; however, beds are usually not accepted because of safety and sanitary laws.

This does not, however, imply that you cannot locate other donation locations or philanthropic groups that welcome mattress contributions. It’s usually a good idea to inquire about any special requirements for mattress donations with your neighborhood furniture banks, nonprofits, or shelters.

If your mattress is in good enough shape to be donated, consider other options, like selling it online or giving it to friends and relatives who might need it. Furthermore, some recycling facilities are experts at properly disposing of mattresses.

It’s essential to remember that the secret is choosing a company or approach that satisfies your need to give back and the feasibility of mattress donations. Properly disposing of old items may ensure that someone else will benefit from your kindness and contribute to sustainability initiatives.

We appreciate your consideration of giving to Goodwill or other worthy causes. Your donations improve the lives of the less fortunate and contribute to the development of stronger communities as a whole!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Goodwill Accept Mattresses?

Does not include mattresses and box springs, which Goodwill cannot accept now.

Does Goodwill Take Mattresses In Arizona?

Goodwill® is sorry to inform you that we cannot accept donations of the following products due to cost concerns, legal requirements, and safety concerns: Larger air conditioning units, box springs, futon mattresses, water beds, sleep number beds, and cribs.

Does Goodwill California Take Furniture?

Anything from small furniture and appliances to books, fine china, jewelry, paintings, and other collectibles in good or gently used condition, from clothes, shoes, and accessories, is enthusiastically accepted.

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