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Dreams Celebrates 20 Years Of Mattress And Bed Making In The West Midlands

Dreams Celebrates 20 Years Of Mattress And Bed Making In The West Midlands

I am telling the information guide about Dreams Celebrates 20 Years Of Mattress And Bed Making In The West Midlands. Dreams, the well-known mattress and bed maker, is commemorating a significant anniversary this year: 20 years of providing superior sleep solutions in the West Midlands. In observance of this momentous event. The corporation let the public inside its cutting-edge Oldbury factory by throwing wide its doors.

Dreams has consistently aimed for excellence in creating cozy mattresses and beds since its founding in February 2003. Over 150 talented bedmakers labor at their West Midlands business, painstakingly crafting each item by hand. This dedication to handiwork guarantees that each product that leaves the factory satisfies the highest requirements for longevity and quality.

These professionals create over 8,000 mattresses a week, an incredibly high manufacturing output for the factory. This degree of output is evidence of the commitment and skill of Dreams’ employees. Its ability to reliably produce such a high volume of high-quality sleep goods further cements the company’s standing as an industry leader.

Dreams prioritizes client happiness and goes above and beyond to meet and surpass expectations. The business has built a devoted clientele over time through consistent delivery of industry-leading quality, value, and choice. Dreams is now known as the brand to turn to for a restful night’s sleep. Because of its dedication to providing the most comfortable beds and mattresses.

Thinking back on their adventure, Mike Clare, the founder of Dreams. Originally opened a store in 1985 in Uxbridge, West London. Clare steadily increased the company’s scope over the ensuing 20 years. Culminating in the 2006 opening of their facility in Oldbury. By then, dreams had already built a sizable retail network with 108 locations nationwide.

During a recent visit to DreamsOldbury factory, West Bromwich West MP Shaun Bailey commended the company for contributing to the local community. Dreams‘ presence in the West Midlands boosts the region’s manufacturing industry and gives locals job possibilities. The company’s focus on bolstering the local economy is demonstrated by its production of premium sleep goods in the United Kingdom.

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Dreams’ incredible journey and ongoing success in the mattress and bed manufacturing sector are brought to light as they commemorate this historic milestone. Dreams continue to lead the industry in offering cozy and peaceful sleep environments thanks to their cutting-edge production. knowledgeable staff, and dedication to client happiness. One can only speculate about the discoveries and developments they will make going forward. To further establish their standing as leaders in the field.

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