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How Do I Return My DreamCloud Mattress

How Do I Return My DreamCloud Mattress

Returning your DreamCloud mattress is easy and stress-free if you’re not delighted. Before committing, you may thoroughly test Dreamcloud’s mattress during its 365-night trial period. However, the business has you covered with its lenient return policy in the unlikely event you decide to return your DreamCloud.

While the procedure differs slightly depending on whether you’re returning the DreamCloud mattress or just the protector, both scenarios involve simple, easy-to-follow steps.

So the item must be in its packaging and unopened to qualify for the DreamCloud Mattress Protector. It can be returned within 50 days after the delivery date. You must contact Dreamcloud’s customer support staff, who will walk you through the remaining steps.

It’s as simple to return the DreamCloud Mattress itself. If you like to change your mind, you have 365 nights. Contact Dreamcloud’s customer support staff if you determine it isn’t, and they will start the return procedure.

They will make free arrangements for a removal agency to remove the mattress from your house. You’ll get a complete refund after the mattress is picked up.

DreamCloud prioritizes client pleasure above everything else, as shown in its return policy. You may find the ideal mattress thanks to its long trial time and simple return procedure.

Understanding Our Return Policy

It’s essential to know our return policy before starting a return. At DreamCloud, we give you a generous 365-night return period and plenty of time to decide if the mattress fits your comfort requirements.

A mattress should be thoroughly examined in your home to ensure complete pleasure. If you feel the DreamCloud mattress isn’t a good fit for you during this time frame, our return procedure is made to be as simple as possible.

Contacting Our Customer Support Team

We advise contacting our devoted customer care team to start the return procedure. They are joyful to help you with any questions or worries.

Our professional staff members will walk you through the procedure, ensuring you have all the information you need and that your return is processed quickly.

Preparing Your Mattress For Return

It’s time to get your mattress ready for return after you’ve been in touch with our customer care team and your return request has been authorized. To guarantee a hassle-free return, adhere to these steps:

Step 1: Package the Mattress

Packaging the mattress tightly is essential to ensure it stays safe throughout transport. Remove all bedding, including sheets and mattress covers, to begin with.

If it is still available, use the original packaging because it is made expressly to protect the mattress. If the mattress’ original packaging is no longer available, wrap it in a sturdy plastic cover and tape it shut.

Step 2: Schedule Pickup or Drop-Off

Several return options are available from DreamCloud for your mattress. By scheduling a convenient time to pick up the packaged mattress from your location, our delivery partner will plan a pickup for you.

As an alternative, you can decide to deliver the mattress to a designated return location close by.

Inspection And Refund Process

When your returned mattress arrives at our facilities, a member of our staff will give it a close look to make sure it complies with our return policies.

Usually, this inspection takes a few business days. We will start the reimbursement procedure if the mattress is determined to be in its original state and satisfies the return requirements.

Step 1: Refund Confirmation

We will send you a proof email to inform you that your refund has been approved once the inspection is finished.

This email will also include information on the refund, such as the total amount to be repaid and the time limit for the money to be transferred back to your original payment method.

Step 2: Refund Processing Time

Depending on your financial institution, the refund’s reflectivity in your account may take a different time. Refunds are typically processed within 7 to 14 business days.

Our consumer support staff is here to help you at any point in the method if you include any questions or concerns about your refund.

Customer Satisfaction is Our Priority

At DreamCloud, we work hard to deliver outstanding customer service and guarantee your total happiness.

Returning a mattress can be an extensive choice, so we make the procedure as easy and stress-free as possible. By providing a welcoming return policy and a committed level of assistance


Returning your DreamCloud mattress is simple and meant to reduce any tension. DreamCloud provides a substantial trial time and a simple return process, regardless of whether you’re returning the mattress or the mattress protector.

Within 365 nights of delivery, if you believe the DreamCloud mattress is not the best fit for you, contact customer care, and they will start the return procedure. They will set up a free mattress pickup by a removal service from your house. Once the mattress is picked up, you’ll get a complete refund.

You may rest comfortably knowing that DreamCloud prioritizes your satisfaction. While their mattress is made to offer comfort and support for many years, in the unlikely event that it isn’t the correct fit for you, their team has you covered. Therefore, DreamCloud is the only option for a premium mattress with a risk-free trial.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Dreamcloud Mattress Return Work?

An opulent returns encounter. Returns with DreamCloud are uncommon but do occur. DreamCloud offers a 365-night trial period that starts on the daytime the mattress is delivered and lasts all year long so that you may test out the mattress. You can obtain your cash back if you don’t like your DreamCloud.

How Do I Contact Dreamcloud?

Dial Us. So we would be pleased to address any of your inquiries. To chat with a sleep expert, dial +1 (833) 237-3269.

How Long After Opening A DreamCloud Mattress Can You Sleep On It?

Your mattress may take up to 72 hours to fully expand to its full 15-inch length, but you can use the bed as soon as it is opened. The various layers of foam and pocket coils must have time to expand because they were crushed to a pressure of over 15,000 pounds per square inch before being vacuum-sealed.

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