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How Much Does It Cost To Make A Tie Blanket

How Much Does It Cost To Make A Tie Blanket

Do you want to give the interior design of your house a warm, unique touch? The adored tie blanket is the only place to look! These blankets are versatile, affordable, and fun to make. How Much Does It Cost To Make A Tie Blanket? We’ll explore every aspect that affects the final cost of creating a tie blanket in this blog post. Now that you have your scissors let’s solve why this well-liked do-it-yourself project costs so much!

What Is Tie Blanket

One blanket is constructed by tying fabric strips together instead of sewing. This easy DIY project without a sewing machine is popular. Usually, fleece fabric is used in two layers to form a tie blanket. Right sides out, the two layers are stacked on top. Following that, the material is edge-cut into strips.

These strips usually measure several inches long and 1-2 inches wide. The two layers are then knotted together using strips from each layer attached to a comparable strip from the other.

Tie blankets are renowned for being easy to use and adaptable. They can be produced in various sizes, from big throw blankets to tiny baby blankets.

Tie blankets are the ideal accessory for curling up on chilly evenings, thanks to the plush and soft texture of fleece fabric.

Furthermore, tie blankets are a fun and unique gift option since they can be customized with various fabric designs and colors.

How Much Does It Cost To Make A Tie Blanket

The cost of producing a tie blanket depends on the fabric kind and design, the blanket size, and where you buy your materials.

The fabric is one of the primary expenses of creating a tie blanket. Because it is warm and soft, fleece fabric is frequently used to make tie blankets. Fleece fabric can be purchased for $5 to $15 per yard. As a result, the size of the blanket and the quantity of yards required will determine the overall cost of cloth.

Just 1.5 to 2 yards of fabric can make a tiny child-sized blanket. In this case, the cloth alone may cost $7.50 to $30. A large adult-sized blanket requires 2 yards of cloth, which costs $10–30.

In addition to fabric, you may require fabric scissors, which cost $10 to $20, depending on quality. You can reuse these tools for future projects.

These estimations are subject to change depending on where you buy and any special offers or discounts. Additionally, the price could increase if you select a designer or more costly fabrics.

Depending on size and fabric, a tie blanket might cost $17.50 to $50 or more. If you enjoy crafting and want something unique and personalized, making your tie blanket may be cheaper than buying one.

Factors That Impact The Cost Of Making A Tie Blanket

The price of creating a tie blanket might vary depending on several things. Here are some essential things to think about:

Type Of Fabric : Fabric kind and quality will significantly affect pricing. Due to its warmth and softness, fleece is often used to manufacture tie blankets. However, fleece comes in various styles and prices.

Blanket Size : The size of the blanket determines the amount of material needed. More oversized blankets will cost more because they will need more fabric. On the other hand, smaller blankets could be more affordable and use less fabric.

Cost Of Materials : Depending on the particular design or finishing touches you need to add, you may need to purchase additional materials in addition to fabric, such as yarn, thread, or bunting. The cost of creating the tie blanket will increase with adding these items.

Tools And Equipment : Fabric scissors or a rotary cutter are two standard basic instruments that you can need when producing a tie blanket. However, more expensive equipment is usually optional. The cost of these tools can differ based on the quality and brand you select.

Shopping Location : Where you buy goods can also impact their cost. There may be price variations offered by bargain stores, internet merchants, and local fabric stores.

When preparing to build a tie blanket, it’s crucial to take these things into account and adjust your budget appropriately. Recall that although price is an essential factor, the pleasure and fulfillment gained from making a handmade blanket can be priceless.

Estimating The Cost Of Making A Tie Blanket

There are some things to consider when calculating the cost of creating a tie blanket. The kind of fabric utilized is the initial consideration. Due to its warmth and softness, fleece is often used to manufacture tie blankets. On average, fleece costs $5–$15 a yard, depending on brand and quality. To make a two-yard fleece blanket, the fabric should cost $10–30.

The blanket’s size is the second thing to take into account. Although the dimensions are subjective, a tie blanket’s typical dimensions are typically 50 by 60 inches. It would take between 1.5 and 2 yards of fabric for this size. The cost will go up if you choose to build a giant blanket because you will need more fabric.

You should also budget for the price of additional supplies like thread, scissors, and rulers. These materials are usually cheap and reusable for several projects.

Note that these cost estimates are approximations and may change based on location, material availability, and individual preferences, among other variables. It is advised that you look up local pricing and weigh your alternatives to determine which materials would work best and most affordable for your tie blanket project.

Tips For Reducing The Cost Of Making A Tie Blanket

There are a few suggestions you may take to lower the price of creating a tie blanket:

  • Look For Discounted Fabric : Check fabric stores or internet sellers for promotions, discounts, or clearance sections. Fleece fabric of high quality is frequently available at discounted costs.
  • Consider Remnant Pieces : Remaining little bits of fabric from larger bolts are called remnants. They can be ideal for creating tie blankets, especially if you only require a smaller piece of cloth, and are sometimes supplied at discounted prices.
  • Opt For Less Expensive Materials : Although fleece is the most popular fabric for tie blankets, there are other reasonably priced options. You can use cotton, flannel, or microfiber as alternatives. Examine costs and select the least expensive alternative that provides warmth and comfort.
  • Use Of Coupons And Discount Codes : Look for coupons or discount codes that will help you save money before buying fabric or any other necessary items. Regular sales and reward programs are available at many fabric businesses, and they can result in substantial discounts.
  • Borrow Tools : If you already have scissors or a ruler, ask friends or family members to lend them to you rather than purchasing new ones. You can save money on tools that you use sparingly.
  • Simplify The Design : If you are okay with a smaller blanket, consider using a more straightforward design. Less fabric is needed for a smaller size, which can drastically reduce the final cost.
  • Reuse Materials : You might make your tie blanket out of any leftover fabric from other efforts. By using things you already have, you can save money in this way.

These pointers will help you cut costs without sacrificing the final product’s comfort or quality while producing a tie blanket.

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Are Tie Blankets Comfortable?

Tie blankets are renowned for being cozy and comfortable. Usually, fleece or other soft materials that give off a relaxed, warm vibe are used to make them. Mainly, fleece is a well-liked option because of its cozy feel and delicate texture. Tie blankets may be comfortable to curl up with if done correctly.

An additional factor in a tie blanket’s comfort is the fabric’s thickness. During the colder months, the layers of fleece form a considerable barrier that helps retain heat and keeps you warm. Furthermore, the blanket’s thickness and weight can provide a reassuring sensation of warmth and security.

Tie blankets can also be personalized to suit individual preferences. You can change the blanket’s size and thickness to suit your preferences, whether you want it lighter or thicker. A more customized level of comfort is made possible by this customization.

Tie blankets are generally made with comfort in mind. These blankets comfort a mattress or living environment due to their warmth, softness, and flexibility.


Finally, fabric, size, and resources determine tie blanket pricing. Tie blankets are made from fleece, which costs $5 to $15 per yard. Fabric can be made less expensive by looking for deals, discounts, and remnant pieces. Further cutting costs can be achieved by reducing the design and obtaining borrowed tools.

It is possible to make a comfortable tie blanket that fits your budget without sacrificing comfort or quality with careful planning and money-saving techniques.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Do You Need To Make A Tie Blanket?

A blanket requires 1.5–2 yards of fleece. Size is your choice. You need two yards for an adult or shared blanket but less for a child’s.

How Long Does It Take To Make A Tie Blanket?

Ages 8 and older are the target audience for this blanket project. About 30 minutes will do it.

Are Tie Blankets Easy To Make?

One straightforward approach to finish the edges and achieve a pretty frilled edge is to cut strips and tie them together. You are cutting strips all around the edges of the two pieces of cloth and tying these strips together to finish the edges and build the two-layered blanket.

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