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How To Move A Purple Mattress

How To Move A Purple Mattress

Moving can be a stressful experience, and carrying heavy furniture like mattresses adds to the difficulty. In particular, relocating a Purple® Mattress can be more difficult due to its distinctive materials and design. There are ways to simplify and smooth out the procedure, though. This article will instruct on How To Move A Purple Mattress safely and without stress or injury.

We will go over all the processes required to guarantee that your mattress arrives at your new home safely and securely, from placing the mattress in position to selecting the best mode of transportation. This manual will help you move your Purple® Mattress confidently and efficiently, whether relocating across town or the nation. Let us begin and explore how to migrate your Purple® Mattress!

What is a Purple Mattress?

Famous mattress company The Purple Mattress is renowned for its cutting-edge style and distinctive comfort technology. It has a patented Purple GridTM system, a grid-like arrangement of hyper-elastic polymer material. This grid structure offers the best support and pressure alleviation by flexing under pressure spots while staying supportive in other places.

Compared to conventional all-foam mattresses, the Purple GridTM technology improves ventilation and temperature management since the grid’s open gaps encourage air movement and heat dissipation. This ensures a cooler and more pleasant night’s sleep and prevents overheating.

Purple mattresses include layers of comfort foam or a Comfort Foam Layer and the Purple GridTM to improve pressure relief and follow the body’s curves. It is the perfect option for couples or people who share a bed because of this feature’s ability to lessen motion transfer.

To adjust a variety of preferences and requirements, Purple offers a variety of mattress styles. These include the Purple PremierTM 4 Mattress, which has a 4-inch Purple GridTM layer for optimal pressure relief, and the Purple Grand Mattress, their top-of-the-line model, which incorporates a variety of innovations for improved sleep quality.

Overall, the Purple Mattress stands out for its distinctive style, ability to relieve pressure, regulate temperature, and provide individualized comfort. It has grown in favor among consumers looking for a more supportive and comfy bed than typical foam mattresses.

Why Choose Purple?

Let’s quickly touch on why this mattress deserves the hype before getting into the specifics of relocating your Purple mattress.

A unique Hyper-Elastic PolymerTM substance used in the engineering of Purple mattresses provides outstanding support, pressure alleviation, and temperature neutrality. Purple GridTM technology builds them, conforming to the shape of your body and giving you a pleasant and restful night’s sleep.

Planning And Preparation

Gather The Necessary Supplies: The necessary equipment before moving the mattress is crucial for a smooth transfer. Here is a list to assist you in getting started:

  • Packing tape
  • Mattress bag or cover
  • Moving blankets or pads
  • Straps or bungee cords
  • Box cutter or scissors
  • Furniture dolly or hand truck
  • Protective gloves

Preparing For The Move

To make the process go more smoothly, gathering all the tools and materials before you begin disassembling your Purple mattress is essential. Here is a list of what you will require:

Mattress Bag: A top-notch mattress bag will shield your Purple mattress from debris, dust, and possible harm while you move it. Make sure the bag is sturdy and made especially for carrying mattresses.

Moving Straps: You may easily lift and move the mattress with these practical straps. Please search for adjustable straps that can fit various mattress sizes and provide a firm grip.

Moving Blankets: Having moving blankets on hand will add a defense against knocks and scratches. Securely wrap the mattress to guard against any possible harm.

Box Cutter: When you need to open boxes or cut wrapping during the moving process, a box cutter will be helpful.

Disassembling Your Purple Mattress

Disassembling your Purple mattress is highly advised to make it more manageable for shipping. Take these actions:

Remove The Bedding: Take all the blankets, sheets, and pillows off your mattress and place them separately for packing.

Unzip the cover: You can easily remove the surface of Purple mattresses for cleaning by unzipping and removing the mattress cover.

Roll Up The Mattress: The mattress should be tightly rolled. Beginning at one end and moving to another. Put the roll in place and stop it from unraveling using the movable straps.

Slide The Rolled Mattress Into A Mattress Bag: Make sure the mattress fits snuggly within the mattress bag before carefully sliding the wrapped mattress inside. To protect the mattress from moisture and grime, carefully seal the bag.

Packing And Transporting The Purple Mattress: It’s time to get your Purple mattress ready for transfer to its new location after it has been disassembled and packaged. To make sure it’s safe, take these actions:

Label The Mattress Bag: Use a permanent marker to mark the mattress bag with the words “Purple mattress” and the side that needs to be maintained upright while being moved. This will make it simple to find when you’re unpacking.

Protect The Edges: Place moving blankets or extra padding around the edges of the wrapped mattress to protect them from damage while in transit. To hold the blankets in place, fasten them using tape or straps.

Load The Mattress Securely: Place the mattress in the moving vehicle with the upright side facing a wall or other stable surface. To avoid any unnecessary pressure, avoid piling heavy objects on top of it.

Secure The Mattress: Use straps or bungee cords to hold it firmly and stop it from moving during transit. Verify again that it is securely fastened to prevent any mishaps.

Unpacking And Setting Up Your Purple Mattress

It’s time to unpack and set up your Purple mattress once you’ve arrived at your new location. For a seamless changeover, adhere to these steps:

Remove The Mattress From The Bag: Open the mattress bag carefully, taking care not to slash through the cover or the mattress as you remove it. Place the mattress in the preferred area after gently unrolling it.

Reattach The Mattress Cover: Reattach the mattress cover by zipping it up and making sure it is fastened firmly. For a tidy and cozy appearance, remove any wrinkles or creases.

Allow Time For Expansion: Give yourself enough time for development since purple mattresses, renowned for their distinctive composition, may take a few hours to expand and ultimately take on their original shape. Please only put bedding on top once you’ve given it enough time.

Make Your Bed: To create a comfortable and appealing sleeping environment, cover your Purple mattress with fresh sheets, blankets, and pillows. On your Purple mattress that was relocated, have a restful night.


In conclusion, meticulous planning, preparation, and execution are necessary for a Purple mattress move to be successful. You may ensure that the changeover for your cherished mattress is easy and hassle-free by following the step-by-step instructions in this article. Each step is essential to protecting the mattress during the relocation, from acquiring the required materials to enlisting assistance and covering or bagging the mattress.

To prevent any damage, it’s also essential to disassemble bed frames, if necessary, navigate narrow entrances and staircases carefully, and load the mattress safely onto the moving vehicle. Remember to drive carefully and ensure the mattress is held in place the entire way, considering how delicate it is. By taking these safety measures, you may move your Purple mattress to its new location while maintaining its comfort and support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Can I fold my mattress to move it?

A: Never fold a mattress that has metal or other sturdy supports. However, latex or memory foam mattresses are frequently foldable for brief periods.

Q2: Are you supposed to rotate a purple mattress?

A: Avoid turning over Purple mattresses as they are designed to be one-sided. While it is not necessary, you may choose to alternate them every three months or so. The purpose of Purple’s technology is to deliver the necessary support and comfort.

Q3: Is it possible to roll the Purple mattress back up?

A: Unfortunately, without the assistance of a specialized machine, the Purple® Mattress cannot be rolled back up to the size it was when it was delivered.

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