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How To Store A Mattress Against A Wall

Does your property require additional space? Your mattress needs to be temporarily stored since you’re moving. You may want to make some space by clearing some clutter. For whatever reason, storing a mattress against a wall correctly can preserve its quality while saving you valuable room. This article explains How To Store A Mattress Against A Wall. 

We’ll discuss important mattress storage tips to keep it clean, intact, and available when needed. We’ll also highlight typical errors to steer clear of along the road.

Why It’s Essential To Store A Mattress

Why must mattresses be stored? You may need to keep your mattress for many reasons. If you’re moving, stow your mattress until you settle in. Proper mattress storage keeps it clean and safe, even temporarily.

A mattress can also be stored to clear out space in your living area. You may have downsized or wanted to make your bedroom larger. Putting your mattress against a wall saves floor space and lets you use it later.

Store your mattress correctly to maintain its quality and durability. Without proper storage, dust mites, mildew, and other allergies thrive. This may affect your health and mattress cleanliness.

Proper storage methods and safeguards will keep your mattress in good condition while tucked against a wall. 

The Importance of Proper Storage Techniques

Keeping a mattress against a wall requires adequate storage. Correct mattress storage may extend its lifespan and maintain quality, ensuring you always have a comfortable and supportive sleep.

Proper mattress storage preserves its quality. Poorly stored mattresses may droop and be uncomfortable to sleep on. Proper mattress storage preserves its shape.

Proper mattress storage keeps dust, filth, and pests out. Avoid stains, spills, and pests during storage by wrapping your mattress in plastic or a cover.

Increase household space by storing a mattress against a wall. 

 Resting a mattress against a wall saves floor space when downsizing or storing an extra mattress.

Discover and practice the appropriate mattress storage tactics to retain its quality against a wall until you’re ready to use it again. 

How To Store A Mattress Against A Wall

Mattresses against walls save space but could be better for long-term storage. A mattress may need to be stored upright against a wall due to space constraints. There are damage prevention methods.

First, wash and dry the mattress before storing it. Moist mattresses can mold and mildew. Vacuum or scrub gently.

Bag or cover the mattress. It keeps dust, insects, and dampness off the mattress. Seal the bag or cover for maximum security.

Keep the mattress upright with the bottom edge against the wall. Leaning the mattress against the wall prevents it from falling. Secure the mattress to a wall or solid object with furniture straps or bungee cords.

An upright mattress may wear out. Gravity can cause drooping or structural concerns by pulling interior support layers out of alignment. To prevent warping, rotate the mattress every two weeks. Temporarily putting a mattress against a wall is fine, but keep it level on a clean, dry surface for long-term storage.

Step By Step Guide On Storing A Mattress Against A Wall

Clean and Prep the Mattress

Before wall-storing your mattress:

  • Clean it.
  • Ideally, vacuum both sides of the mattress to eliminate hair, dust, and debris.
  • Use a gentle cleanser or stain remover on mattress stains according to the manufacturer’s directions.
  • Before proceeding to the following step, let the mattress air dry entirely after cleaning.

Remove Bedding and Accessories

Remove mattress covers, pillowcases, and sheets. Removing any blankets or pillows on the mattress is also wise. This will lessen bulk when storing them and keep them in good shape.

Protect with a Mattress Cover

Support in a high-quality mattress cover or bag to avoid dust gathering and possible damage during storage. Specifically made for mattresses, these coverings offer an additional line of defense against stains, pests, and general wear and tear.

Position Against the Wall Carefully

It’s essential to proceed with caution when storing your mattress against a wall. Ensure you have adequate room to position the object correctly without putting undue strain on the material. Make sure the mattress is steady as you do this. Gently lean one end against the wall.

Securely Anchor

If you need to, use straps or bungee cords to secure your mattress while putting it vertically against a wall to prevent mishaps or damage. This will assist in keeping it in place even when things move around it.

Remember that these procedures may differ significantly based on your room’s size, the kind of walls, etc. Thus, constantly adjust these measures to meet your unique needs.

Common Mistakes To Avoid While Storing A Mattress

There are inevitable typical blunders that you should avoid when storing your mattress against a wall. These errors could shorten the life of your mattress and cause damage. Remember these points:

Avoid floor-positioning the mattress: Laying your mattress against a wall is convenient, but moisture may collect—mold and mildew from moisture damage your mattress and health.

Avoid storing heavy items on your folded mattress: This might cause needless pressure and harm.

Never fold or bend a hybrid or memory foam mattress: Doing so may permanently distort and diminish comfort.

Protect the mattress from direct sunlight. Time and direct sunlight can degrade materials and fade colors. Keep your mattress in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.

Ventilation is vital when placing a mattress against a wall to minimize musty aromas and maintain freshness. Make sure air can circulate.

Avoid these common mistakes to preserve your mattress and keep it in good condition until you use it again.

Tips For Maintaining The Quality Of Your Mattress During Storage

Storage should maintain the quality of your mattress so it lasts and is pleasant when used again. Keep your mattress against a wall without compromising its quality with these tips.

Keep your mattress dry and clean before storing it. Any moisture or dirt on a mattress during storage might cause mold or mildew.

Stains and smells can be eliminated using a fabric cleaner and vacuuming the surface.

Next, think about spending money on a premium mattress cover or bag. This will offer an extra defense against dust, vermin, and possible harm from spills or scratches. Seal the bag or lid tightly to prevent outside elements from entering.

Make sure your mattress is positioned correctly while storing it against a wall. Refrain from placing too much pressure on it initially, which could eventually put undue strain on particular places. To detour any rubbing or friction that can harm the mattress’ surface, it is preferable to position some padding between the wall and the mattress.

Furthermore, to avoid compressing and distorting the curve of your stored mattress, avoid piling heavy objects on top of it. Instead, choose to store lighter objects nearby.

Check your mattress periodically to ensure no signs of damage or bug infestation. If ventilation is required, carefully open the cover or bag; however, do it only sometimes, as this could expose the mattress to dust mites.

You may help extend the life of your mattress and ensure maximum comfort when you eventually recover it by adhering to these care instructions while storing it against a wall!

Different Ways To Store A Mattress

Don’t worry if you can’t store your mattress against a wall or if you’re seeking something else! You don’t have to sacrifice the quality of your mattress to keep it in another method. Consider these options:

Store your mattress under your bed if it has space. Prepare the space for the mattress below by drying and cleaning.

Buy vacuum-sealed bags for space-efficient mattress storage. These bags remove air and protect the mattress from dust, moisture, and other impurities.

Use wall-mounted brackets: If you have a small amount of floor space, wall-mounted brackets can offer safe vertical storage for your mattress. Just ensure that the brackets are firmly in place and correctly positioned.

To preserve the integrity of your mattress while it is being stored, always adhere to the recommended storage methods previously discussed in this article, regardless of the substitute choice you select.


Since it might cause damage over time, storing a mattress against a wall should be temporary. Taking measures is essential if you must keep your mattress this way. Before protecting the mattress with a bag or cover, clean and dry it. Use straps or cables to secure the mattress against the wall at a little slant. Rotate the mattress regularly to avoid warping. Store the mattress flat on a clean surface to preserve its integrity and lifespan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It OK To Learn A Mattress Against The Wall?

Unlike foam mattresses, rolling or bending could be better. Keep it flat wherever it stands or lies. Avoid leaning a heavy object against it at a 45-degree angle against a wall. Straighten it up.

Is It OK To Store Mattress Vertically?

Store the mattress vertically, sideways, or upright for a short time because it can alter its inner workings and become unbalanced, especially for memory foam mattresses. Nothing should be on top; even soft materials can dent it.

What Is The Best Position To Store A Mattress?

All mattresses should be laid flat on the floor to maintain their fillings in place.

How Do You Store A Mattress When Not In Use?

Put your cleaned mattress in a mattress bag or plastic wrap and set it flat on the ground in a temperature-controlled location. Keep boxes and other items off your bed. Avoid storing mattresses on their sides.

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