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Man Charged With Lighting Mattress At Brickdam Police Station

Man Charged With Lighting Mattress At Brickdam Police Station

Discover the information guide about Man Charged With Lighting Mattress At Brickdam Police Station. Stephan Howard, a 23-year-old inhabitant of Lot 250 East La Penitence in Georgetown, made an astonishing appearance through Zoom at the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court yesterday. While held at the Brickdam Police Station, he was accused of setting a mattress on fire.

During his court appearance, Howard, who was first detained for armed robbery, strongly refuted the accusations. He was detained at the Brickdam Police Station during the incident, pending additional research into the armed robbery case.

Howard started a fire in the police station’s detention area, according to a report from the Guyana Police Force on Sunday. The on-duty police and firefighters put out the fire before it could spread and seriously harm the building.

The security and safety procedures at the Brickdam Police Station have come under intense scrutiny due to this occurrence. How Howard obtained access to a combustible item like a lighter or matches while held in custody is unknown. An internal inquiry is conducted to ascertain the incident’s facts and whether any carelessness occurred.

In addition to being charged with attempted arson, Stephan Howard is already in custody for the armed robbery. He has been remanded to detention by the court pending additional legal action.

To stop future occurrences of this kind of tragedy, the Guyana Police Force needs to tighten its security processes and implement better ones. It should be a top priority in every police station in the nation to ensure the safety of both detainees and officers.

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Authorities will investigate and fix security and protocol issues. The people will eagerly await case updates to secure justice and prevent such incidents.

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