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Mattress Firm Bed Tech Frame $4.9M Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

Mattress Firm Bed Tech Frame $4.9M Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

This article introduces information about Mattress Firm Bed Tech Frame $4.9M Class Action Lawsuit Settlement. By 10 April 2023, a settlement had been reached in the Mattress Firm Bed Tech Frame class action lawsuit, with the business agreeing to pay $4.9 million to settle the claims.

The class action lawsuit, filed in 2019, claimed that the Mattress Firm-sold Bed Tech adjustable bed frames were faulty and prone to malfunctioning. Plaintiffs alleged that the mattresses would tilt or collapse due to faulty motors in the frames and Mattress. The firm had not offered adequate customer care to address the problems.

Mattress Firm will provide up to $500 to each class member with a motor failure on their Bed Tech frame as part of the settlement agreement. All class members who still own a Bed Tech frame without a motor failure will also receive a one-time $250 credit from the company toward purchasing a new bed frame.

Mattress Firm must implement a new system for processing customer complaints and hiring additional technicians. Who have received proper training as part of the settlement agreement? The manufacturer must test and inspect them frequently to ensure the Bed Tech frames adhere to safety requirements.

Mattress Firm acknowledged the settlement and reaffirmed its dedication to offering its clients top-notch goods and services. The statement added, “We take all customer complaints seriously and are committed to providing solutions that satisfy their needs. “We are happy to put this matter behind us and believe that this settlement is a fair and reasonable resolution to this matter.”

Class action lawsuits like this one are widespread in the consumer goods sector. Consumers join forces to file claims against businesses for alleged flaws or other problems with their products. While such settlements can be expensive for businesses. Additionally, they deter potential wrongdoing and protect customers from harm.

Visit the settlement website to learn more about your options. If you are a current or previous owner of a Bed Tech adjustable bed frame sold by Mattress. Firm and think you could be eligible for a settlement payment or credit.

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