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Morris Home Turns Mattress Purchases Into Dream Beds For Local Children In Need

Morris Home Turns Mattress Purchases Into Dream Beds For Local Children In Need

Explore the truth about Morris Home Turns Mattress Purchases Into Dream Beds For Local Children In Need. Morris Home transforms mattress purchases into dream beds as part of their ongoing commitment to helping underprivileged local children in collaboration with Ashley Furniture. Every time a mattress is bought from one of their locations. The parent firm of Morris Home, The Morris Furniture firm. Has promised to donate to affiliated organizations. This effort will enable poor children who don’t have a comfy bed to fulfill their dreams.

Since 2001, our local partners have given nearly 15,000 Ohio and Northern Kentucky children beds. Since 2011, their partner Ashley Industries has given children over 125,000 mattresses.

The recent Annual Hope to Dream event, in which WCPO 9 collaborated with St. Vincent de Paul and Morris Home Furniture to provide 50 children with beds. Demonstrates the program’s impact. This touching incident highlighted the value of a good night’s sleep and its advantages for a child’s well-being.

The Annual Hope to Dream event is essential to Morris Home’s continuous commitment to giving back to the community. The beds are guaranteed to reach the children who need them the most because Morris Home is in partnership with the well-known charity St. Vincent de Paul. The occasion provides a forum for promoting awareness of the value of rest and good sleep for kids’ physical and mental development.

A comfortable bed is crucial for a youngster. Research shows that kids with mattresses sleep better, do better in school, and have higher self-esteem. Furthermore, giving the child a sleeping area of their own fosters a sense of stability, security, and ownership.

Morris Home has made it their goal to give kids a secure and comfortable place to sleep since they understand how vital these qualities are. They can help achieve this goal by turning mattress purchases into donations for affiliated organizations. Since every mattress purchase immediately impacts a child’s life, their consumers’ generosity is essential to this effort’s success.

Furthermore, Morris Home and Ashley Furniture actively embrace social responsibility beyond the annual Hope to Dream event. They frequently work with charities, schools, and neighborhood groups to locate children needing beds and give them the required assistance. This unwavering commitment shows how much the business values community involvement and the beneficial effects it may have on society at large.

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In conclusion, Morris Home’s endeavor to transform mattress purchases into dream beds for underprivileged local children is significantly impacting many lives. Using collaborations with institutions such as St. Vincent de Paul. They ensure that the most deserving individuals receive these beds.

Morris Home’s cozy sleeping environment enhances the children’s immediate well-being and lays the groundwork for a better future. Their dedication to contributing to the community inspires others to improve the lives of those who are less fortunate.

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