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Ridgemont Performing Once Upon A Mattress This Weekend

Ridgemont Performing Once Upon A Mattress This Weekend

This article introduces information about ridgemont performing once upon a mattress this weekend. This coming weekend, Ridgemont will be performing Once Upon a Mattress, one of the most well-known musical comedies ever written! This musical adaptation of “The Princess and the Pea” tells the tale of Princess Winnifred.

A clumsy and bold young woman forced to compete with other women for the hand of Prince Dauntless. Dauntless’s overbearing mother, Queen Aggravain, has mandated that her son wed a “true” princess before any other kingdom citizens can wed.

In the production that Ridgemont is putting on, Matty McLane plays the role of Queen Aggravain. Wes McKinley plays the role of King Sextimus, Xavier Stuck plays the part of the Jester, and Abby McElfresh plays the role of Princess #12, Lady Larken.

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This Sunday, March 19, at 2:00 p.m., the performance will be held at the Ridgeway Building as part of the afternoon matinee. All tickets are available for purchase through the event website.

When Sarah Jessica Parker appeared in the 1996 Broadway revival of Once Upon a Mattress.

She played the role of Princess Winnifred, which helped bring the show to a broader audience. You must take advantage of the opportunity to witness. This timeless musical comedy was brought to vibrant life onstage at Ridgemont this weekend.

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