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San Diego’s New Free Mattress Recycling Program Fit For A King Or A Queen Or A Twin

San Diego’s New Free Mattress Recycling Program Fit For A King Or A Queen Or A Twin

Discover the information guide about San Diego’s New Free Mattress Recycling Program Fit For A King Or A Queen Or A Twin. At the Miramar Landfill, San Diego’s Environmental Services Department recently introduced its brand-new. Free mattress recycling program called Bye Bye Mattress. With the help of this program, San Diegans will have an easy way to get rid of their used box springs and mattresses that are also environmentally friendly.

Residents may, free of charge, dispose of old mattresses and box springs at the Miramar Landfill through the Bye Bye Mattress program. Which is run in association with the Mattress Recycling Council. This program is a component of a broader state-wide effort to lessen the harm that abandoned mattresses. Do to the environment and encourage mattress recycling.

Retailers are obligated by state law to charge a recycling fee per mattress and box spring sold. The state’s mattress recycling program. Which includes the collecting, transportation, and recycling of used mattresses and box springs. Is supported by the money collected from this tax. San Diegans may ensure that their old mattresses are properly recycled and not dumped in landfills by signing up for the Bye Bye Mattress program.

Since the program’s July soft launch, more than 2,000 items have been gathered for recycling. This initial achievement highlights the need in San Diego for a practical and eco-friendly mattress disposal option.

Besides the Miramar Landfill drop-off, residents can recycle their mattresses at adjacent facilities. These 24/7 facilities make it easy to dispose of home waste, including mattresses, as long as the amount is fair.

There are various environmental advantages to recycling mattresses. It reduces landfill trash and greenhouse gas emissions by reducing waste disposal. The recycling process also recovers valuable materials like steel, foam, and wood for new products.

The local economy and the environment both benefit from Bye Bye Mattress. The recycling initiative helps regional companies that specialize in mattress recycling and material recovery while also adding jobs to the recycling sector.

A vital step towards a better sustainable and circular economy has been made by San Diego’s new free mattress recycling program. The city promotes appropriate waste management practices and lessens the impact of abandoned mattresses on the environment by giving people a simple and cost-free option for mattress disposal.

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Residents can get their mattresses and box springs to the designated drop-off locations. During business hours to take part in the Bye Bye Mattress program. Customers must remove any bedding or other accessories before dropping off their items. And only mattresses and box springs are permitted.

Overall, the city of San Diego‘s new free mattress recycling program is a welcome addition to its waste management initiatives. The program encourages sustainability. Helps the local economy, and makes mattress recycling easier for all households. Making San Diego a cleaner and greener place overall.

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