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Westin Heavenly Mattress Reviews

Westin Heavenly Mattress Reviews

Good sleep depends on the mattress, and the Westin Heavenly Mattress is popular with hotel guests and home users. Our in-depth review will cover the Westin Heavenly Mattress Reviews, benefits, cons, and features to help you choose a mattress.

Key Takeaways

  • The Westin Heavenly Bed is popular with hotel guests and homeowners.
  • Comfort and support are provided by its soft pillow-top construction.
  • A pleasant sleeping surface and temperature regulation are provided by high-density foam.
  • The individually pocketed coil system isolates motion well.
  • The Simmons Beautyrest partnership ensures quality and longevity.
  • Customer evaluations praise the luxury, comfort, and pleasant sleep.
  • The increased price and weaker firmness may only suit some.

<strong>For Hot Sleepers<strong>,</strong></strong> Due to its hybrid design and air-permeable materials, the Heavenly mattress is ideal for hot sleepers and hot climates.

<strong>Back Sleepers,</strong> You can lie flat on the mattress.

It supports the spine and soothes its deep muscles, making you feel better after a hard day.

<strong>Partners Of Insomniacs.</strong> People who share a bed with energetic sleepers but desire a calm, undisturbed night’s sleep may like the Heavenly mattress because it absorbs motion.


It costs more than innerspring beds.

Their warranty needs to be more for sleepers.

What Is Westin Heavenly Mattress?

The Westin Heavenly Mattress is exclusive to Westin Hotels and is luxurious. Popular Simmons mattresses provide a good night’s sleep.

This mattress has a 13″ no-flip pillow top for soft comfort and support. Its individually pocketed coils conform to the body and provide excellent motion isolation. The high-density foam makes it ideal for guests who want a softer mattress.

One of the Westin Heavenly Mattress’s best advantages is body temperature regulation. The complex quilting on the mattress foam helps dissipate heat, keeping you comfortable during the night. The sleep is more restful and comfortable.

For a perfect sleeping experience, connect the Westin Heavenly Mattress with an eight ¾” standard box spring. This combination gives the mattress exceptional support and stability.

The Westin Heavenly Mattress offers relaxation and support for the ideal sleep.


The Westin Heavenly Mattress gets excellent user reviews. The mattress’s sumptuous texture and outstanding comfort live up to its heavenly moniker.

Customers like the mattress’s plushness and support. The mattress’s high-density foam lets sleepers sink in, creating a pleasant but supportive feel. Many users wake up refreshed.

Its quilted foam pattern makes the mattress comfortable and regulates body temperature. This prevents overheating and promotes pleasant sleep.

Durability is another Westin Heavenly Mattress strength. According to users, the mattress retains its shape and support after extended usage. Its stability and lifespan come from individually pocketed coils.

For couples sharing the bed, less motion transfer may be desirable. Movement isolation in the mattress ensures restful sleep.

The Westin Heavenly Mattress provides a delightful, comfortable sleep with outstanding support, durability, and temperature regulation.

Motion Transfer

The Westin Heavenly Mattress is noted for minimizing motion transmission and ensuring restful sleep. Couples or individuals sensitive to night time movements will appreciate this feature.

The mattress reduces motion transfer with high-density foam and pocketed coils. The foam layers absorb and isolate movement, limiting bed-wide transfer. Each pocketed coil works independently, reducing motion transmission. You may not feel it even if your companion moves or gets out of bed.

Westin Heavenly Mattress reviews routinely praise its motion transfer reduction. Many customers claim their sleep partner moves without disturbing them, allowing them to sleep uninterrupted.

Light sleepers benefit from this function because it calms the sleep environment. It prevents bed motions from disturbing the other side’s slumber.

For restful sleep, the Westin Heavenly Mattress minimizes motion transfer well.


Innersprings let air flow and heat leave, making the Westin Heavenly mattress cool. The bed’s thick pillow top is more breathable than regular foam due to its design.

Edge Support

Mattress edge support is essential. Too close to the edge, nobody wants to feel like they’re going to roll off the bed! Thankfully, the Westin Heavenly Mattress excels here.

Its strong structure makes this mattress stand out. You may sleep right up to the edge without sinking or sagging since the edges are reinforced with high-density foam. This means you can use every inch of your bed for sleeping or relaxing.

The edge support is excellent for added stability in and out of bed. You’ll feel secure and supported while tying your shoes, reading a book, or sitting at the mattress edge.

Excellent edge support increases the mattress’s durability. Your investment will provide years of comfort with minimum edge wear and tear.

Firmness Over Time

Consider how a mattress retains its firmness while buying. The goal is a mattress that provides support and comfort night after night.

Many commend the Westin Heavenly Mattress for its durability. The mattress remains supportive after years of use, according to customers.

Quality materials were used to make the mattress. The Westin Heavenly Mattress’s pocketed coils and soft memory foam provide support and relaxation.

Customers like how the Westin Heavenly Mattress holds shape.

After regular use, the mattress has no dips or sagging.

Choose the Westin Heavenly Mattress for years of support. The robust edifice and high-quality materials make it a trustworthy sleep amenity option.

Construct And Design

The Westin Heavenly mattress’s comfort and durability depend on its structure and design. See what distinguishes this mattress.

The Westin Heavenly mattress is carefully built with high-quality materials for restful sleep. Multiple layers give excellent support and pressure reduction.

Unique to the construction is the plush pillow-top layer, which enhances comfort. This top layer is soft and supportive, with memory foam and gel-infused fiber’s to fit your body.

Motion transfer is reduced by individually wrapped coils under the pillow-top layer. Motions from a spouse or pet won’t wake you in bed.

The coils are also zoned to support your hips and shoulders while keeping spinal alignment at night.

The dense base foam bottom layer offers long-term durability and stability. The mattress’s reinforced edges give excellent edge support to use every inch without rolling off.

The Westin Heavenly mattress’ elegant design enhances any bedroom. The timeless design’s clean lines and neutral color choices convey calm and sophistication.

Customers love the Westin Heavenly mattress because of its painstaking craftsmanship and intelligent design!

Westin Heavenly Bed Cost

Twin100 x 200 cm$2,034
Double140 x 200 cm$2,249
Queen160 x 200 cm$2,356
King180 x 200 cm$2,463
Super King200 x 200 cm$2,678
Westin Heavenly Bed Cost

Customer Benefits


  • 2-8 business days for delivery
  • No Trial Period
  • Guaranteed 5 years
  • Recovery Policy No Return

What Are Better Alternatives To The Westin Heavenly Bed/Mattress (In 2024)?

Several mattresses can compete with the Westin Heavenly Bed. Another popular mattress is the Cheswick Manor Mattress. This innovative mattress has memory foam and individually wrapped coils for superior support and relaxation. Its zonal support system aligns the spine for a good night’s sleep.

An excellent alternative is the Vesgantti Mattress Reviews. This hybrid mattress has numerous firmness levels to suit diverse preferences and is luxurious and durable. Perfect for couples, the coil-on-coil design maximizes support and minimizes motion transmission.

Choose the IYEE NATURE Mattress for sustainability. Organic cotton and natural latex foam make this mattress comfortable and sustainable.

The Revive Mattress may appeal to memory foam fans. Grid-like construction eliminates pressure points and provides comfort and support on this mattress.

Also, consider the NEEVA Mattress. This cheap option includes numerous memory foam layers that contour your body and keep you cool at night.

With these choices matching or surpassing the Westin Heavenly Bed in quality and comfort, you’ll have plenty of options for your ideal mattress!

Are Westin Heavenly Mattresses Comfortable?

Yes, Westin Heavenly Mattress is comfortable. A mattress’s comfort depends on its firmness. Some like a soft mattress to burrow in and feel welcome, while others choose a firmer one for support. The Westin Heavenly Mattress is soft and supportive.

Also, consider motion isolation while considering comfort. If your partner tosses and turns at night, get a motion-reducing mattress. With its pocketed coil construction, the Westin Heavenly Mattress isolates movement.

Temperature modulation also affects sleep comfort. Morning heat and humidity are miserable! The Westin Heavenly Mattress’ gel-infused memory foam cools at night.


Westin Heavenly Mattress reviews praise its luxurious luxury and high craftsmanship. Customer reviews appreciate its plushness and support, promoting peaceful sleep. The mattress’s longevity and brand devotion are also praised. Though more pricey, many consider it a good sleep investment. The Westin Heavenly Mattress gives a heavenly night’s sleep for elegant and practical bedding.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Hotel Chains Have Heavenly Beds?

Only Westin Hotels have Heavenly Beds.

Is Westin A Marriott Brand?

Marriott International owns Westin.

Is It Easy To Return A Westin Heavenly Mattress?

Westin does not accept Westin Heavenly mattress returns except for manufacture defects and warranty returns. Your Pottery Barn bed may be covered by their returns policy.

What Frame Should I Use With A Westin Heavenly Mattress?

Westin Heavenly mattresses fit any sturdy frame, foundation, or box spring. Westin suggests buying a box spring or frame for your new bed, but you’re not required to. Westin Heavenly mattresses may not work with adjustable beds.

Who Makes Westin Heavenly Bed?

Simmons makes the Heavenly® Bed specifically for Westin Hotels. The mattress has a 13″ no-flip pillow top and individually pocketed coils.

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