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What Mattress Does Premier Inn Use

What Mattress Does Premier Inn Use

Welcome to Premier Inn, where we put your comfort first! What kind of mattress can we guarantee you a good night’s sleep? Look no further because we will solve the puzzle and expose the truth about what mattress does premier inn use in this article. Knowing what mattress will be waiting for you can make all the difference in ensuring a refreshing stay, regardless of whether you’re organizing a business trip or a family holiday. So please sit back, unwind, and let us show you the world of luxurious bedding bliss!

What Are The Mattress Options At Premier Inn?

Everyone has various preferences regarding their sleep quality, and we respect that at Premier Inn. To meet your particular demands, we provide a variety of mattress choices. There is something for everyone, whether you choose a solid and supporting sensation or a plush and opulent touch.

The Hypnos mattress, renowned for its high quality and craftsmanship, is one of our most popular options. This mattress offers exceptional comfort while also being environmentally sustainable because it is made with natural materials like cotton and wool. Its pocket spring design relieves pressure points and conforms to your body shape for optimal support.

Our deluxe mattresses are ideal for individuals looking for an added degree of luxury. These mattresses have extra cushioning layers that provide softness while maintaining stability. You can lose complete bliss on these luxurious sleeping surfaces while snoozing off into dreamland.

Our regular mattresses are made to provide comfort at an inexpensive price point if you’re seeking a cost-effective solution without sacrificing quality. Although they might have fewer features than their higher-end competitors, you can still rely on them to provide enough support and endurance.

You can rest easy knowing that every mattress option at Premier Inn has undergone thorough testing to ensure the best comfort, lifespan, and hygiene performance. Because we know how essential sleep is for your health, we strive to give our visitors the finest sleep experience possible.

Premier Inn has carefully selected quality mattresses for every sleeper, whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, because your comfort is essential.

What Does The Mattress Guarantee At Premier Inn Mean?

Visitors may rest well and confidently during their stay thanks to the Premier Inn Mattress Guarantee. Premier Inn guarantees that its beds are of the best caliber and will give guests a comfortable night’s sleep with this promise.

Premier Inn has established this mattress warranty because they recognize the value of a restful night’s sleep. According to the company, every visitor should feel at ease while staying at one of their hotels.

The mattress guarantee covers any manufacturing flaws or problems with the mattress. Premier Inn will provide a free mattress replacement if there are any issues. This demonstrates their dedication to giving each guest a top-notch place to stay.

Ensuring that any problems with their mattress that may arise while they are staying will be promptly remedied by Premier Inn employees gives visitors additional peace of mind. This degree of guest service distinguishes Premier Inn from other hotel brands and shows its commitment to ensuring complete pleasure.

The fact that Premier Inn provides such a thorough mattress guarantee shows that they are confident in the caliber of their mattresses. It demonstrates their faith in the toughness and comfort these mattresses offer, which improves the overall visitor experience.

Therefore, the next time you reserve a stay at a Premier Inn hotel, feel secure in the knowledge that their top-notch mattresses will ensure your comfort.

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What Are The Different Types Of Mattress At Premier Inn?

Everyone has various tastes regarding beds, something Premier Inn is aware of. To guarantee that every visitor has a comfortable night’s sleep, they provide a choice of options. Whatever kind of mattress you prefer—firm for great support or plush and cuddly for total relaxation—Premier Inn has you covered.

The Hypnos mattress is one of the mattresses offered by Premier Inn. Hypnos mattresses, which are renowned for their plush comfort, are created from premium materials to achieve the ideal ratio of support and softness. These mattresses have pocket springs that individually conform to your body while you sleep, giving you individualized support.

The Silentnight Eco Comfort Pocket 1200 Mattress is an additional choice at Premier Inn. Assuring minimal disruption if you share a bed with someone else, this eco-friendly mattress has 1200 pocket springs that react separately to your motions. Additionally, it uses environmentally friendly building materials like recycled plastic bottles.

The Sealy Posturepedic Ultra Firm Support Mattress is available from Premier Inn for guests who prefer an extra-firm sleeping surface. With many supportive foam layers and reinforced edges, this mattress is specially designed to give excellent spinal alignment and avoid sagging over time.

You can choose any style of mattress at Premier Inn with confidence, as they place a high priority on comfort and quality. So, fall asleep peacefully on one of their carefully chosen mattresses designed to match your specific demands!

What Is The Sleep Quality Like On The Premier Inn Mattresses?

The beds at Premier Inn are made to give you a comfortable night’s sleep when it comes to sleep quality. The correct mattresses for their rooms were carefully chosen by Premier Inn as part of their dedication to visitor comfort.

The Premier Inn’s mattresses are renowned for their exceptional support and luxurious comfort. High-quality materials used in its construction guarantee a comfortable and restful night’s sleep. The business has invested in premium mattresses because they recognize how vital a restful night’s sleep is, especially while you’re away from home.

Premier Inn offers various beds to meet various interests and demands. Regardless of whether they like their mattresses firm or softer, everybody has a choice. The range of options guarantees that visitors may choose the ideal mattress for their preferred sleeping position.

Many people who have stayed at Premier Inn hotels gush about the superb sleep they get on these mattresses. They frequently talk about having a restful night’s sleep and waking up feeling invigorated. Firm support layers and velvety padding will support your body all night so you can wake up refreshed.

If you’re worried about sleeping on a Premier Inn mattress, rest assured that these mattresses were picked for comfort. 

You can get a fantastic night’s sleep at any Premier Inn location.

Premier Inn provides various options, including pillows customized to each guest’s preferences, ensuring complete satisfaction in all areas, including sleep quality.

How Long Does It Take To Ship A Mattress To Premier Inn?

You might be curious about how long it takes to ship a new mattress for your Premier Inn stay. The good news is that Premier Inn has a quick and easy procedure to guarantee that your mattress will arrive on schedule.

The mattress of your choice from Premier Inn’s selection will be carefully prepared and packaged for transportation once you make your selection. Depending on the quantity of orders and the availability, this usually only takes a few days.

The mattress will be transported utilizing an expedited delivery service after being safely wrapped. The exact time the mattress takes to get to your chosen Premier Inn location can change depending on several variables, including the distance traveled and any potential logistical hiccups. Rest assured, Premier Inn will work hard to send your mattress immediately.

Customers may often anticipate their mattresses to arrive one to two weeks after placing their order. Of course, there may occasionally be minor delays due to unanticipated events or reasons outside Premier Inn’s control. Overall, you can rely on Premier Inn’s dedication to fast delivery of their premium beds.

So, if you’re considering staying at a Premier Inn and want to be as comfortable as possible, don’t worry about waiting too long for your preferred mattress. You’ll soon be sleeping soundly on one of their excellent mattresses, thanks to their quick shipping!

What Is The Price Of Shipping A Mattress To Premier Inn?

How much will it cost to ship a mattress to Premier Inn? Well, don’t worry! For its beds, Premier Inn provides a quick and easy delivery service.

Several variables, like the mattress’ size and location, will affect how much it will cost to ship a mattress to Premier Inn. For exact pricing information, speaking with Premier Inn directly or visiting their website is preferable.

Premier Inn recognizes the value of restful sleep and works to make the delivery procedure as simple as possible. They offer solutions to meet your demands, whether you’re buying a single mattress or several pieces for your hotel.

You may relax knowing that Premier Inn prioritizes client happiness and works to consistently deliver exceptional service. Your mattress will be delivered on schedule and in perfect condition thanks to their hardworking team.

So, if you’re considering sending a mattress to Premier Inn, contact them right now for precise price details and top-notch service. Your visitors will be grateful that you gave them a luxurious bed to sleep in throughout their stay!


The importance of offering top-notch mattresses is something Premier Inn recognizes when it comes to guaranteeing a restful night’s sleep. Whether you select a soft or firm mattress, Premier Inn has a variety of alternatives to fit your likes. There is something for everyone, from their pocket-sprung Hypnos mattress to the cutting-edge Geltex Ultimate mattress.

Premier Inn’s dedication to guest pleasure is one of the best aspects of staying there. You may test out your chosen mattress for 100 nights and swap it if it doesn’t live up to your expectations, thanks to their 100-night comfort guarantee.

You may get the ideal mattress at Premier Inn by choosing from various mattress types, including memory foam and conventional spring models. Each variety has particular advantages in terms of comfort and support.

The outstanding quality of Premier Inn mattresses and their capacity to deliver a good night’s sleep are attested to by visitors who have had the opportunity to do so. The fusion of comforting elements and opulent materials makes sure that visitors awake feeling renewed and invigorated.

If you’re thinking about getting a Premier Inn mattress for your house, be aware that delivery timeframes can change based on stock. You can anticipate having the same wonderful sleeping experience after delivery as when staying at one of their hotels, though.

While prices may vary depending on region and particular needs, purchasing a Premier Inn mattress is a long-term investment in good sleep that will pay you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Brand Of Mattress Does Premier Inn Use?

The mattress in the Premier Inn is made by Hypnos. They are a UK business with a Royal Warrant, which means they provide goods to a royal household. The King uses the same hotel brand even though he doesn’t frequently stay there. On TrustPilot, the Hypnos brand receives an average rating of 4.1/5.

Who Makes The New Premier Inn Mattress?

We’ve gotten a lot of questions about the Hypnos mattresses since Premier Inn teamed up with them to offer them. Although Hypnos no longer manufactures the Premier Inn mattress, Silentnight became the hotel’s official bed provider in late 2022.

What Makes Premier Inn Beds So Comfortable?

For maximum comfort and moisture wicking, there is a soft micro-quilted cover with a material overlay and two polyester coatings, one with horizontal fibers and the other with vertical ones.

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